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Death of Marilyn Monroe and UFO connection?


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I ran across this article on a webite. It interesting if you believe that UFOs are real. One thing is for sure. Marilyn Monroe knew something that the government didnt want her revealing to the press. The night of her death she phoned a friend and had planned a press release the following moday to reveal information that would one day shock the world. What ever it was she was about to reveal, she mysteriously died before she had the chance to reveal it. Its very interesting becasue there are authenic CIA documents that talks about Marilyn Monroe and the heading of the document was called project moondust which is the same name for the coded project for the U.S. government recovering spacecraft. Any secret information she learned, obviously she got from John and Bobby Kennedy. That may have been why they were assasinated. They were leaking sensative information that could have compremised our national security. The question is what would be so secret that would warrent the assaination of Marilyn Monroe and John Kennedy. I dont think it was info about the Bay of Pigs and Fidel Castro either. Marilyn Monroe died in 1962. John Kennedy died a year later.

UFOs and the Murder of Marilyn Monroe

Donald Burleson, Ph.D.

I had the opportunity of interviewing Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D., by phone Thursday April 24, 2003, regarding his new book, "UFOs and Murder of Marilyn Monroe".

Dr. Burleson has been fascinated with the death of Marilyn Monroe for many years. In fact, as a certified UFO field investigator, research consultant, and New Mexico State Director for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), he had heard rumors of a UFO connection with Marilyn's death.

One of the linchpin's of Dr. Burleson's hypothesis is a CIA document, that has come to be known as the Marilyn Monroe document, which mysteriously surfaced in 1994. The document has a subject line "Marilyn Monroe" and a project line "Moon Dust". According to Burleson, "Project Moon Dust" had existed since 1953 and whose purpose was the recovering of debris from fallen space vehicles, certainly to include UFO crash depris.

According to "UFOs and the Murder of Marilyn Monroe", the document has an apparent reference, in the routing data at the bottom of the page to MJ-12. Click on the photos below left to see the enlargements! This reference to MJ-12 further associates the Marilyn Monroe document with the whole question of governmental secrecy about unindentified flying objects.

The Marilyn Monroe Document

Click on photo to enlarge.

Dr. Steven Greer, director of the CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Disclosure Project group, says in his book Extraterrestial Contact: The Evidence and Implications that the Marilyn Monroe document came to him in 1994 "by way of a contact with access to NSA officials. He further states, with reference to the question of the document's genuineness: "It has been authenticated by the best document researcher in the world - a man who for years sat outside General Odom's door as his senior aide when Odom was NSA head. (Page 57)

Dr. Burleson's work involves computer image enhancement. He is a director of a computer lab at Eastern New Mexico University. One day, when the Marilyn Monroe document was being displayed, a student noticed "a sort of smudge or shadow" to the left of the TOP SECRET stamp. When enhaunced the imprint contained the name "Schulgen". This proved to be another invaluable piece of UFO evidence. Brigadier General George Schulgen was the Chief of the Air Intelligence Requirements Division of Army Air Corps Intelligence. His job basically was to investigate UFOs! How did his name get on the document?

Marilyn was murdered on a Saturday night, she was prepared and had told friends, that she planned to hold a news conference on the following Monday. Several months before her death Marilyn had met Jose Bolanos, a Mexican film director and screenwriter. In fact Jose accompanied Marilyn to the 1962 Golden Globe Awards. Jose phoned and spoke to Marilyn around 10:00pm the night of her death and according to Jose she would tell the media something that "will one day shock the whole world". One can only speculate as to what the something was. We can be confident it didn't concern her affairs with Bobby or John Kennedy. Both of their wives were aware of their infidelity. She also probably knew of the plot to kill Fidel Castro and the Bay of Pigs, but would this be reason enough to silence her?



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I think its very clear that the U.S. Government was behind the death of Marilyn Monroe and John kennedy. Obviously the government was scared of them. Both had sensative knowledge. What could it be for Marilyn Monroe to say she "Knew something that would one day shock the world"? Certainly it would be about her affairs with the Kennedys. There are not to many options out there of what it could be.

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