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Out and About in Nashville

it's just dave

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I hope I'm not boring anybody by posting a few shots here and there, but hey, I want to throw out a little of Nashville as it see it on my Sunday drives.

This is the site of the 18-story condo, The Adelicia, which should be underway in a few weeks, if not sooner. The restaurant, Chu, now closed, is situated between the Bound'ry and South Street and is undergoing renovations to be something else, but I don't know what.


The old James Robertson (hotel) Apts. has been mentioned in a couple of ways lately, renovation? demolished for condo tower? Beats me, but as we talk about it, I figure we should know what it looks like. Shame it's in such bad shape.


Thought this was interesting at Joe's Crab Shack on 2nd Avenue.


New Year's Day downtown seems like yesterday. It was a crazy, fun day. The area was packed.




And who's this guy, anyway? On well, it's Printer's Alley and they advertise naked girls, so why not.


Hmmm, what's this little parking lot next to the Cohen Building?


Oh, yeah, Viridian, moving on up.


I looked a little more closely to this one. It seems the tracks double under the Gateway Bridge...for how far, I don't know, but the single track is only the terminus approach to the station location. Interesting.


On top of Rolling Mill Hill during demolition.


and a final parting shot of the old West End Apts....we'll update when the new tower gets underway. If you haven't seen the tower, look at vinemp's post title "The West End" for a link to the development's website.


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Dave I cant believe you havent seen that guy before! He is as much a part of downtown as the L&C Tower! I have fond memories of him sitting on second avenue every weekend night singing a song called "big legged woman with a big ol butt". I have seriously never spent a night out out on second avenue with out seeing him. Next time you see him you should ask him to play the song, its damn funny. Ha ha I still cant believe you took a pic of him, I had to call some of my friends over here to see. Dude is a local celebrity to many young party animals that roam downtown.

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I've seen that guy down on 2nd alot. I never payed him much mind.

Great assortment of pics Dave. I think we need more photo threads around here. Thanks for taking the time to post these. I definately didn't mind seeing them.

Looks like downtown on New Year's Day was a happening place.

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Dave, Thanks for posting your pictures; they let me see what everybody is talking about! Any idea when the "James Robertson" apartments built (1930's?)? This would be a huge loss if they were to demolish it, especially since it looks to be practically surrounded by parking lots begging for attention! If only the right developer were to team up with the right designer, this could become a destination spot (e.g., boutique hotel or condo). I see lots of potential here...

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I too really liked the look of the James Robertson Apt... it has personality!  Hope it doesn't get demolished!


It would be an absolutely stupid, long-time regretable decision if that were to happen.

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That building looks remarkably similar to the Memphis Business Journal (formerly Farnsworth) building at Union and Main.  It is also art deco.  Here's a link to a pic:



I always liked those kinds of buildings--the dark brick with the light highlights. As a kid they always made me think of gingerbread with icing dripping down. lol

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