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Judge vs Mayor on courthouse


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After reading that article, it appears that Jacksonville cannot handle the spiraling ascent to fame and fortune. The City is beginning to explode, and the world is noticing, but it appears that the City Government, including the Mayor just can't handle it.

They need to come to a consensus and get on with it. Spend what you can with the $279 million and later add whatever else is needed; if the facility that the $279 mil is spent on is not enough, then utilize, in terms of renovation or upgrade, existing nearby facilities or resources to handle that load until the "new addition" is built and/or money is available for the new addition.

"If it ain't one thing it's another! :(


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^ Agreed, but I still vouch for high-rises which would come out cheaper for now, and not use as much valuable land in LaVilla. Im surprised no one in the mayors office even considered the idea of a high-rise courthouse complex. Oops who am I kidding! Its no surprise-with Peyton in Office :angry:

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While I disagree with the Mayor's fumbling of the courthouse issue, I certainly don't support Judge Moran. While he might be a lovely man on a personal level; politically he's jerk who has absolutely no concern for downtown whatsoever.

It was Judge Moran who almost singlehandedly convinced the city to demolish the beautiful 6-story historic Southern Bell building. This was even though ...

- It was one of the oldest surviving buildings in downtown (1903)

- The building was in perfectly good condition

- The private owner didn't want to demolish it!! (they had to use eminent domain)

- It had been designated an historic landmark, through all the proper channels.

- The site won't even be used for the courthouse, but rather a courthouse parking garage. They could have built around it.

and here's the kicker ....

- Florida Coastal Law had expressed interest in using the building for part of a downtown campus. Perhaps parking issues wouldn't have driven them to the suburbs if they could have had such a prime site.

Moran's actual argument (I might be paraphrasing) was that he "didn't want people to have to look at it," when they walked from their cars to the courthouse. God forbid.

So frankly, sure Peyton is wrong .... but to hell with Judge Fatass. I don't want to hear him shed his crocodile tears about what's "best for downtown." His only concern is with his own personal comfort.

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to hell with Judge Fatass


The demolition of the old Southern Bell bldg was a travesty. This could easily have been avoided even if the Cannon design had been constructed. Still, I think Moran is more on the right track here than Peyton, whatever Moran's motivation. This whole ordeal has been like Chinese water torture. I cant wait for it to end.

By the way, I just got back last night from a visit to the urban Midwest - Kansas City, St Louis and Chicago. We could learn a lot from those cities - they all have great, active downtowns. I wish Peyton would actually visit other cities to see what is successful in other cities. We will see.

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