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Dallas: Street level pictures by thelakelander


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Last week I got the chance to visit Dallas for the first time. I must say I was pretty impressed by what's going on in that city. The light rail gets good ridership numbers and downtown had a nice stream of pedestrian traffic the entire time I was there. Here are some of the several pictures I took, while on foot.

















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Did you ride the lightrail?
Yes, I used DART to get around town, instead of renting a car.

Unfortunately DT looks about as dead as it did in 1996 when I was last there. Was this just the photos or did you notice this too?

Its mostly the photos because I tend not too snap pics with people in them, because I don't have the type of camera that can zoom into a crowd a block away.

The downtown scene wasn't a Manhattan or a Philly, but it wasn't an Atlanta scene either. There was a steady stream of people on the streets and the activity picked up around the rail lines. They've also got a ton of renovation and new projects going up in the core as well, so it should only get better.

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Did you have a good trip?  I hope you got to check out some of the other parts of town like Knox-Henderson, Lakewood, Highland Park, etc.


I didn't rent a car (relied on DART instead) and my schedule was pretty tight, so I didn't get around as much as I wanted to. I only saw Fort Worth, downtown, Uptown and the West End for the most part. I'll try to check out some of the other areas when I return next year.

Btw, great pics Raider Dude.

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