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RTP Appreciation Thread


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I really like this area...mainly b/c:

1. The numerous greenway trails

2. Fairly biker friendly (bike lanes...)

3. After 6pm, its so quiet and peaceful.

I know there's not a lot to do yet but hopefully that will change with the some of the upcoming projects.

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I really like this area...mainly b/c:

The 100-foot setbacks for buildings that make the area among the most pedestrian-hostile environments in America will allow for easy imploding of underused buildings to be replaced with actual decent, human-scaled development in the future.

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I really like this area because...

1. It feels like it's on the verge of something much greater. Like on it's way to becoming a World Class Player.

2. So many people of different races, Social backgrounds and walks of life living together for the most part very affluently with very little hostility and drama.

3. So convienent to be able to walk or ride a bike if you wish to the grocery store or blockbuster or wherever.

4. Plenty of jobs and new oppurtunities.

5. The Colleges few areas in the country have this many top schools within a relatively small radius.

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