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Five 22-story condo buildings


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We are looking into this matter at TCP. To date, no luck as to whom the developer might be. We've contacted various sources, and everybody seems stumped.

Doormanpoet showed me the bidclerk.com site at Fido last Saturday and he and I did high-fives. The thought of five large buildings rising within Nashville's urban core is too much for a skyscraper nut like myself to fathom. As info unfolds, I'll relay it to Doormanpoet, who will keep everybody posted.

We'll see what happens. Amazing time to be in this city if you love urban infill.


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Hi William!

I don't want to be indelicate.... but why won't the Newspaper just pay the $29.00 to join the website in order to find out where this is being developed? It would certainly beat all the trouble of going after sources, and trying to dig up someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows where this will be. I used to write for our local paper... hehehe, I know there were a few stories I wish I could just pay 30 bucks and have all the sources, I needed... ;)

Well, in any case, keep us posted!! I need something to focus my attentions on... I'm quite depressed over the passing of Mr. Peter Jennings... and this place is a good distraction from it.


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