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John Marshall Hotel


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you're absolutely correct! Work has already begun on converting the building into upscale condos. The rooftop sign will be fully restored and a 6-story addition will be built at the back of the building near where the receiving used to be. No official word on completion date yet. There will be retail on the first level. It is a $37 million project.

here's the work that will be done:


Construction of a new 6-story building near the loading area

Restoration of of the rooftop sign and 5th Street marquee

Repairing/replacing limestone panels and bricks

Repairing of terra cotta details and ornamental iron works

New roof

Exterior painting of windows and trim


Maintenance of the existing windows and doors

Restoration of the original lobby

Preservation and restoration of the formal ballrooms, balconies, stairs, and stages

Restoration of the original plaster ceilings and walls.

what brings your interest in the John Marshall Residence, as it will be called when completed?

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I am somewhat obsessed with the restoration/renovation of older hotels. I also stayed there a couple of years ago and was depressed about its general condition. The lobby really needs to have all of that ugly brown carpet stripped away....I walked through most of the building. Many of the floors are a 1970's time capsule....mirrored ceilings, carpeted walls etc...I hope they can recover the original lobby chandeliers which were sold off a few years ago. I think some of the old fixtures were bought by Nick's Seafood Pavilion in Yorktown. Now that that has closed, one wonders what happened to the chandeliers?

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I believe the plan is to restore it to its early grandeur as closely as possible. At least for the lobby and ball rooms that is. My favorite part of the project is the rooftop sign being restored. If you're thing is old hotels, you should research the Murphy Hotel and Richmond Hotel that are currently owned by the State of Virginia. They are btween broad st, franklin, 8th and 9th. Currently used as state office space, they were almost torn down by the state. Now plans call for either the state restoring them and using them or selling them for adaptive reuse.

Next time you're in Richmond, check out the Jefferson Hotel. It's our 5-star, 5-diamond hotel. The lobby is absolutely amazing.

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I have also stayed at the Jefferson.  It's magnificent indeed.  Glad to hear that the Hotels Richmond and Murphy may be out of harm's way.


There is hope for the Richmond and Murphys Hotels (on the block bounded by Broad/Grace/8th/9th), though it's likely that the Richmond will be retained and reconfigured by the State. Murphy's may find a private owner.

There has been talk, tho never publicized, that a cinema complex was discussed for the convention (6th & Franklin) area of the John Marshall, but now that Bow Tie properties plans a multiplex at 3rd and Main, those plans will probably go into the dust bin of time. :unsure:

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I am distressed to learn that the chain link construction boundary fences have been removed.

Is the project in deep trouble?

I bet I know someone who could give the scoop! The barbers, who used to be in the building, temporarily moved across Franklin. They know all the dirt. Somebody check 'em out! :shades:

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I am distressed to learn that the chain link construction boundary fences have been removed.

It the project in deep trouble?

The John Marshall? If Gil Granger still owns it, you are right. He hasn't got the experience, money or taste to get the job done correctly. The building is far too valuable to be in the hands of a rookie.

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Over on RCW, jc said that he was in the area this morning and Hourigan was removing its construction office trailer from the site. When asked, the Hourigan representative said they would be back in January, or June, or maybe in 2008.

That doesn't sound very hopeful.

Maybe Mr. Jemal will come to the John Marshall's rescue.

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here we go:

John Marshall Residence Back on Track


John Camper, a real estate developer from Virginia Beach, says he purchased the company that owns the hotel in mid-November. Obtaining the financing for $45 million in renovations, however, is going slower than expected. He plans to convert the old hotel, built in 1929, into apartments with a mix of retail tenants on the first few floors.....

.........Camper says he plans to reopen the ballroom, renovate the old hotel rooms into 175 upscale apartments and add 30,000 square feet of retail space. Plans call for bringing back the John Marshall barber shop and reopening with an Italian restaurant, a martini bar and a high-end delicatessen and grocery store next year.

renovations should hopefully start up in February.

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