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4500 Acre Ft. Myers development


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i saw this post awhile ago and was trying to think of what you were referring to and then i just remembered... duh: just thought i would update in case you or anyone else was wondering about what the site was..

Ave Maria University & Town

"The Town of Ave Maria is believed to be the first modern town to be developed in conjunction with a University. Located on what was once largely agricultural land, it has been designed to be a compact, walkable, self-sustaining town that reflects the community's rural roots while offering a full range of residential options and commercial services to its residents."

"The Ave Maria community totals about 5,000 acres, of which nearly 20% has been designated as the University campus. Connecting the University and the Town is a Town Core anchored by the landmark Oratory and incorporating retail and commercial space as well as residential condominiums."

"When completed, the Town will contain some 11,000 residential dwellings in a wide variety of price ranges and neighborhoods. From rental apartments to condominiums, and from starter to estate homes, Ave Maria will offer something for nearly everyone."

"A significant network of parks and recreational areas has been included; in fact, about 45% of the total town area is devoted to lakes and open space. The Collier County Public Schools have been gifted land for both an elementary and a middle school, and the University plans a K-12 parochial school to be operational when the first phase of the community opens.

It is anticipated that the first phase of the University and Town, including representative housing and commercial areas, will be operational in mid 2007."





(i pulled this from the "ft. myers mall" thread I posted in)

There hasn't been a ton of new information but here is one of the newest, interesting articles i came across.

Centerpiece of Ave Maria university, town unveiled


By DIANNA SMITH, [email protected]

July 22, 2005


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