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Golf course community circle near Port Charlotte?


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I was playing around with Google Earth (it's a great thing) and I noticed something strange near the gulf coast west of Port Charlotte. The feature almost looks like a crop circle. It appears to be a planned development of golf course communities. Has anyone been there or know anything about it?

For those of you on Google Earth, the coordinates are: 26degrees53'32.33" N, 82degrees16'19.52"

Pretty wild. It's a pretty huge development. Almost makes me want to drive down there and check it out.

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Yea plus google earth isnt up to date that pic is from oct of 1999 and the pic im about to show is from may 5 2002 and its a similar pattern in St.Petersburg and the thing in the middle is the intersection of 4th Street and 62 Ave but i used to live around that area but farther inland and it isnt that intresting only for our alien visitors ^_^


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I drove through Rotonda once, in 2000, mostly because it looks cool from the air. Disappointing doesn't really describe it. It's not at all what you'd think of from a golf course community--more of a shabby suburb with available land that somebody stuck a golf course into. It has a very grungy vibe; reminded me of maybe Arbutus, Maryland, except about 95 degrees and hazy. That may be unfair to Arbutus.

In the center of the circle is a water tower with a chain link fence around it. Very unwelcoming. The homes were small and not particularly well cared for. Nothing about the place seemed very friendly. The canals are maybe seven to ten feet across. Several of them were choked with duckweed or, at any rate, something green, when I drove through. I get the feeling Rotonda was somebody's great idea, but the execution sort of fell through.

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