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Brentwood Towne Center


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Hi guys,

If you go to this link you can read about, and see a rendering of the new town center(still haven't figured out how to post a pic.... :angry::( ).


Anyhow, the rendering is AWESOME! But what bugs me to no end is that people put these proposals together (like the Plan of Nashville, for example), and they make these AMAZING renderings and sketches of how the area will look, but they don't require the developers to follow their plans :angry::angry::angry: !!!!

So, you see these sketches that blow you away, but then when it gets built it's nothing like you saw!!! Well then, why make the renderings in the first place? I know they saw it is to be a guideline, but you can just write it down. Say, the buildings have to be X feet or less, they have to be X feet away from the sidewalk, the sidewalk must be 10 feet wide, etc.. etc.. But once you show a drawing, I think it should be what the end result will look like.

Anyways, I really hope they build a Towne Center that is as similar to that rendering as possible because its rockin!!

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Well, the more I've been on boards like this, and the more renderings and so on I've seen, I tend to suspect a lot of that sort of thing is just salesmanship--making pitches to investors, the public, and so on.

Hate to be the cynic, but I think selling real estate isn't too much different from selling used cars, or new ones for that matter with a little bait-n-switch thrown in! lol

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