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East Hartford Development Now in High Gear


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This was announced this morning in regards to Rentschler Field, where Uconn already has a 40,000 seat football stadium averaging over 90% capacity in just their second year of Div. I-A football. This site is going to be one of the fastest growing development sites in U.S. Wait and see. :D Cabelas retail store is coming and so is ING moving from Hartford, bad for the city but good for the region that they stayed close. This total development plan will cost over $2 Billion when all is said and done.

Heres the link

Courant Cabela's Article

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Adjacent to Downtown, Hartford they are also seeking to develop their riverfront area. Goodwin College now on Burnside Ave. in East Hartford will build a new campus there.

Riverfrond parcels


Heres a link to the request for proposals

East Hartford Riverfront

Goodwin College

College Homepage

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