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Trump Tower in New Orleans?


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In the latest developments with the Poydras condo project, Donald Trump apparently wants in on the action. See following link...



I was wondering why it took him so long to get interested in New Orleans.

He is known for owning/building upscale hotels/condos with 5 star restauraunts and retail shopes in them.

New Orleans is certainly a great place for hotels and restaurants, and now it seems it to be a great place for condo developers.

I think the Trump name in N.O. would be a great thing, I hope he makes a deal with the other developers.

That article said that the building would have setbacks, and that it would get narrower towards the top, so I am guessing it will have some sort of spire.

That article also said what we have been guessing, for the last few weeks the developers have been behind closed doors revising plans and designs, so it seems they are close to revealing a rendering of the building.

The project seems to be moving forward and not stalling like the plaza tower project, and that's great.

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