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What foreign city can Detroit learn the most from?


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Some of our forumers have experiences living or traveling throughout America and even around the entire world. In fact, I am impressed with the global scope of UrbanPlanet.org

Of all the major cities around the whole wide world, which older cities will Detroit have the best chance of resembling ?

I believe it becomes optimistic and hopeful if there are positive examples to look towards to. That way the community have a gauge and a yardstick to measure their success in this city's effort for revival and leading itself into a renaissance.

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Detroit, to me, is a unique place experiencing very unique economic and social trends. That said, Detroit to me is a barometer that other cities in the US- hopefully the city itself- can learn from. It will never replicate a city like Chicago nor NY, Moscow, Paris, London, or LA so we must build upon the unique nature of what we have built and destroyed- though if I had to pick a city, I'd say it could learn from Portland, OR, right here in the similar legal climate of the US. Many of the former Soviet Union's cities are strikingly similar in terms of economics, IMO. Detroiters do have the ability to change and evolve into a prosperous place on the map of the world.

Peace to all

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Cleveland jumps to mind. They have revamped their waterfront and have put together some really cool developments like the Flats. Like Detroit its a rust belt city and I think they have layed somewhat of a blueprint for what Detroit can do.

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