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Charlotte area Farmer's Markets

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There is the Mecklenburg Regional Farmers market. It is by far the largest one in the county and is open everyday.

There are others but the another one that I will comment on is the Huntersville farmers market that is open on Saturday & Tuesdays. One distinctive feature of this particular market is that all the food has to be grown within a few miles of Huntersville. This is good for the environment and the local economy. Local produce is the best.

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The farmer's market on King's is fantastic. If you haven't gone, be sure to make a trip soon. There's a fish purveyor there who sells the best Atlantic Salmon I've ever had. It's really superb. I've gotten such good food there. And cheap, too!

The green market Uptown is great as well. Vendors there carry some excellent produce and canned goods. The regional farmer's market is hit or miss for me. But they offerings are more interesting there than other farmer's markets.

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