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A cute, little, sometimes forgotten park


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With the all attention that Falls Park and Cleveland Park receive, most people often overlook how inventive Greenville has been with other parks around the city.

This is one of my favorites as it is tucked in the middle of the cloverleaf interchange where Camperdown crosses Church. It's such a small , wonderful little oasis. A great place for yoga in the mornings, a cup of coffee, or a good book. The muffled background noise of traffic rushing by just feet below, buffered by heavy foliage, continually reminds you that you're in a vibrant metro. Ok, on with the pics.....










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I was led to this park by my GPS.  I was looking for a geocache.

There are a bunch of them araound the Greenville area.

If you've never done this and you have a GPS, its a blast and it takes you places you never knew existed.  Like this one. B)


Thanks for this NYTransplant! You've piqued my interest with the geocache. Not very techno savvy here....didn't know about this. My car has GPS, so I guess I could play? Thanks for the links! :thumbsup: Got some reading to do this weekend! :D

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Thanks for this NYTransplant!  You've piqued my interest with the geocache.  Not very techno savvy here....didn't know about this.  My car has GPS,  so I guess I could play?  Thanks for the links!  :thumbsup:  Got some reading to do this weekend!  :D


I'm afraid you need a handheld GPS for this. :( All of these are hidden in inconspicuous places. Usually in parks or in the woods. They are also usually well camoflaged.

You would never find them unless you let the GPS get you within 10 feet or so of the cache.

Actually handhelds are pretty reasonable. I got mine at Best Buy for about $180.

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How many total parks does Greenville actually have (downtown)?


I'm not really sure. I guess the Parks and Recreation website may say. It seems Greenville has a park on every corner. The city has been very creative with carving out any little space for a unique park. This is one of the reasons I really love Greenville! :wub:

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MacPherson Park, on Park Avenue and North Main Street is also a very nice shady urban haven. :)


MacPherson has a great urban view of the skyline....especially in the winter. Love that park! :D

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