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It's always sunny in Philadelphia


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I thought the "It's always sunny in Philadelphia" show was pretty fun. I especially like the intros and different views of the city. The shoes hanging off the telephone line was a true "Pennsylvania" touch (and I thought only the Steel Valley had those asthetic attributes :lol:). Wondering how the show is being recieved in the Philly region?

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no write ups in the paper or on the stations over there?  hmmmm

I think that pretty much answers your question.

I've noticed vast differences in the attitudes between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia when it comes to movies, tv shows, etc. set in the respective cities. It seems that when a movie is filmed in Pittsburgh or a show is set in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh is all over it and there's loyalty to that show. In Philadelphia, it just doesn't ever seem to be a big deal. More often than not, people don't even realize something is being filmed. Its not NYC where filming is daily and people see filming as an inconvenience, but I think people in Philly are getting jaded. I've seen Cameron Diaz, Bruce Willis, Andre Braugher, Della Reese, and a few others in my neighborhood alone.

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thanks pghusa for the heads-up. I am going to try to watch the show this

thursday. Looking at the website, it really seems funny.

down in avalon, nj this weekend and not one person in the house has heard

about the show either.

Urbanophile might be right. I remember seeing Hack shooting tons of scenes

all the time around the city and I never once saw the show.

Same with the real world, I saw those kids everywhere, they shoped at the

same superfresh I do on 5th. So, I tuned into the first episode just to see

who they were and can't remember when I saw it again, only when I was

flipping around, since they air it so much.

I have seen Cold Case though, although only exteriors are shot in Philly,

and I really liked National Treasure, I saw Nicolas Cage in Society Hill filming

so I made myself go and see it.

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Big thanks to PGHUSA.

I saw "it's always sunny" last night and

am a fan. I was a big Seinfeld follower and it reminds me of that except

younger and more edgy.

The next episode looks hillarious with Charlie trying to get women to sleep with

him because he pretends to have cancer.

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I guess its still because its summer but FX I have noticed as I channel hop replays Sunny throughout the week and at times runs previous episodes as well, the Abortion rally one from 2 weeks ago was on wed. night I think. It is a pretty cool show, not one of my all time favorites (yet) but definetly one of the better shows on TV right now.

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In Philadelphia, it just doesn't ever seem to be a big deal. More often than not, people don't even realize something is being filmed.

Actually, I don't think that it's true. When a production comes to Pittsburgh, it gets noted, but it's not like there's a parade. Productions are old news.

Most Pittsburghers don't know when there is a production in town. Only folks that either pay attention to the industry, read the news very regularly, or are particularly in tune because of their interest in their city (most folks on boards like this).

To me, it's (film production) great news in the respect that competition for locations is greater than ever.

As for Philly, I am not there to know local headlines, but it sure got press during the Real World fiasco which wasn't good PR for the city or the state. Thankfully it was resolved.

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