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How expensive is it to live in Pittsburgh?

M. Brown

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I believe only Cleveland is slightly less on overall cost of living and unlike Cleveland Pittsburgh is the saftest metro in the United States and has consistently been ranked #1 in that measurement. The only caveat to cost of living is that if you are in a tax sensitive business or personal situation, Pennsylvania along with some of the blue collar states like Michigan and New York etc. are not as tax friendly as Florida, Texas or Nevada. There is personal income tax in the state as well as the city of Pittsburgh, parking taxes or fees are high, property taxes and business taxes are also major sticking points. Property taxes though are double sided, you will pay much much more in taxes in DC or Florida or California simply because the assessed value of a two bedroom is astronomically more then a near mansion is in Pittsburgh. So although that small house in Florida has less in millage (tax rate) then it would in Pittsburgh, its assesment is skyhigh in the sunshine state compared with an assesment of a much bigger home in Pittsburgh. Overall though Pittsburgh is one of the best bargains out there, you get more with less here then almost any other city, and thats even after you factor in the relativily high taxes (almost all taxes are based on percent so it again goes to cost, sales tax in florida might be 6% compared to 7.5% in some parts of Pittsburgh, but the item in florida is $20 more, so again the real rate of taxation--though higher on percent--is much lower then even low taxed states).

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Excellent point Gerbil about the tax free items.

Evergrey I remember seeing a ranking of that, I think in food items we were above only Metro Cleveland on price, overall if there was a ranking we could find that would be excellent.

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