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Work On The Floridan Starts This Month


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I can't wait.  Good news indeed.  Do any of the other Florida majors have a historic hotel downtown currently operating or in the plans?  MIami certainly doesn't have anything like that.


Terrific news that the Floridan has been saved. Miami could have had something with the Everglades Hotel, but chose to obliterate it instead. Doubtless, much of the Everglades had been damgaed through thoughtless renovation over the years, but its shell was worth preserving. Horray for Tampa for NOT demolishing this landmark.

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According to the article, they're supposed to start on the renovation project this month. Anyone heard of any activity down there?

Anyone remember the old "FLORIDAN" letters up on the roof? I'd love to see them return (replicas) in red neon. It would not only be true to the origins of the building, but would add some extra character to downtown Tampa, both in the day and especially at night.

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