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Moving Gen Morgan's Statue!?

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I read in the paper today about this outrageous idea to move Gen. Daniel Morgan's statue away from MORGAN Square!


This is by far the most ascinine thing I have ever heard proposed in this town. The Daniel Morgan statue is one of a handfull of icons that Spartanburg has. That statue has been on MORGAN Square since 1881, and that is where it should remain. We should not relegate it to some museum or the arts center.

Put the replica in the Arts Center.

Does anyone else have an opinion on this?






This might the be the last photo ever taken of the Dnaiel Morgan Statue on Morgan Square. How depressing :cry:

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I had a hard time reading the article. Thats just stupid. let spend millions renovating the square and take him out of it and lose his place on the national historical society. duh.

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I am genuinely pissed off about this. I wish I lived in the City so that I could vote against the idiot that proposed this idea next year.

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