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Rural King

Dyersburg, TN - Someplace new to see!

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Dyersburg, TN

Third largest city in West Tennessee -excluding any burbs in Shelby county. (1st Memphis, 2nd Jackson)

Population: 17,228 (2002)

Serves as a major industrial and commercial center for NW Tennessee. Ranks 20th out of the 674 US micropolitan areas in industrial improvement in a ranking by Site Selection magazine (source:Dyersburg Gazette), ie its doing a darn good job of recruiting industry and expanding existing plants.

County Seat of Dyer County (Pop. 37,279 - 2000)


So now that we have some information about Dyersburg, lets start our photo journey!

The future I-69 -ie US 51- geesh I need to wash my windshield.


Awwww Dyersburg! Wait its hot out..geesh its humid..........oh yeah West Tennessee. :P


Dyer County Courthouse




Dyersburg is very active in trying to maintain, redevelop, and preserve downtown. This is the downtown offices of Dyersburg's downtown development group.



The tallest building in Dyersburg - First Citizens Bank Building




The old City Hall is now a clothing store.


Nicest Drug Store I've seen around. Real classic.


This harks back to another older point in time.


What appears to once have been an old diner now lives on as a Dominoes downtown.


Another view of First Citizens - I think its a nice old building, esp.with that glass corner.



Wow a new downtown building thats actually fits in with the downtown its built in.



Back towards downtown.


The Security Bank Building. Kind of a utilitarian design.





First United Methodist Church







Pennington Seed and Supply - wow great to see this is still downtown. Not many of great old businesses like this around anymore.


Hope everyone enjoyed the tour. Ya'll come back now ya hear!!! :D

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Having done my first college stint at UT-Martin, I knew many people from Dyersburg. Some of my fraternity brothers, professors, good buddies. It occurred to me that after visiting many of the small towns in the area, Dyersburg was one I never saw. Thanks, RK, for the tour.

I think next time I make a trek out West, I'll be sure to check this one out, too.

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Nice pics.

I've bypassed through Dyersburg many times on my way from New Orleans/Memphis to my wife's home in Owensboro KY. Never really stopped. It certainly looks like an interesting place, much larger than 17,000--it's even got a skyscraper! A wonderful looking courthouse as well.

Last time I was there, I took a wrong turn and ended up across the River in Missouri or Arkansas. lol

51 didn't seem really well marked.

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^ Yep, you have to take a round about way to stay on 51 at Dyersburg from either the south or the north. Coming south on US 51 from Union City it just changes into I-155 if you don't take the first exit for Dyersburg, which happens to be the exit to keep you on 51. Its really strange. One would think US 51 one would be one solid stretch and you would exit onto the I-155 spur, thats not the case though.

Taking US 51 through downtown and its residential areas is a scenic way to go, but it would be easy to miss a turn and not be on US 51 anymore. LOL Really easy.

Tip of the Day: Road signs are your friends, so pay attention and take nothing for granted. :D

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I-69 will definitely help out Dyersburg and its industry not only by giving it direct interstate access (rather than a spur route to I-55), but it will also connect it to Memphis and growing Tipton County along a much quicker route than the often congested Hwy 51.

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^ Yep- the direct Interstate access will be a great boon for Obion and Dyer counties, both of whom are really on the ball in regards to laying out the groundwork to attract new industry in conjuction with I-69. Weakley County may benefit some too since Martin will be very close to I-69, being only 10 miles from either South Fulton or Union City, a fact that is going to be aided by TN 22 between Union City and Martin being designated a interstate spur (I-169 perhaps?). TN 22 is currently closed access between the two towns, so all it is going to take is some new signage. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me! :D

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