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SC Trivia & Firsts


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SC has alot of history, and there is alot of trivia related to it. Any trivia related to SC is welcome, but I would also like to focus on "firsts." What was your area or this state first to do? This could be 1st in SC, or the Nation or the world. :)

I will start:

  • South Carolina produces more peaches than neighboring Georgia, "The Peach State."

  • Spartanburg County actually produced more cotton after the Civil War than before it.

Firsts for Sparkle City

Spartanburg's Duncan Park Stadium was the first Minor League ballpark in the nation.

Spartanburg County had the first 4 laned road in the state around I-85 and 29.

Spartanburg had the first airport in SC, now the Downtown Airport. This airport was visited by Charles Lindburgh and Amelia Earhart.

Spartanburg had the first Radio Station in SC, WSPA AM 910, which still exists today.

WSPA TV was the Upstate's first TV station.

Spartanburg had the first Jr High School in SC.

Spartanburg was home to the first Hardee's franchise in America, located on Kennedy St (now closed).

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-Before SC became the "Palmetto State" is was known as the Iodine State

-The Greenville-Spartanburg-Asheville-Anderson television market is the 35th largest in the nation and the largest in SC. Columbia is 2nd (#83) and Charleston's comes in 3rd (#101).

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Ok another one.

Horry County, the largest county landwise in the state is also known to long time residents as the Independent Republic of Horry. This comes from the county's isolation geographically from the rest of the state and from resentment in meddling from Columbia in what most consider local affairs. For example gambling in Myrtle Beach, the Blue Laws and drinking on Sunday. I always heard stories that several times people went to the river and blew up the bridge and then declared the county independent from SC. LOL.

I can't find any evidence this happened in searches on the Internet, but the Republic Seal is real enough as it is on my high school ring.

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Fun topic!

Hilton Head Island is the 2nd largest island on the eastern seaboard...1st is Long Island.

First public library in U.S. opened in Charles Town in 1700.

First public museum opened in Charlestown in 1773.

First U.S. Senator elected by write-in vote was elected in 1954...Strom Thurmond.

LOTS more firsts, esp. for the Charleston area, but I'll give others a chance!


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I know I have my palmetto tree and crescent moon decal on the back of my car. ;)


I know it's my favorite state memorabilia. It seems so elegant in its simplicity. I have several different things with the Palmetto on them from each trip I take to SC.

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As for articles of clothing/footwear, I don't think I'm going any further than a t-shirt. :)


Oh man, i can't get enough... Could I be addicted to SC stuff?

I've got the stickers on the car, the flip-flops, several belts, multiple t-shirts, and other stuff that's just is around... but those get the most use.

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In the trivia dept., did you know that South Carolina (along with N.C.) has the longest state name at 14 characters (including the space)?

Also, the two states share the record for most syllables (5) of any other state (if you pronounce Louisiana the way the natives do as "LOOZ-iana").

These are the reasons why our states are rarely mentioned in song lyrics, I suppose. If we are, it's usually just "Carolina", then you wonder which one they REALLY mean, lol.

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