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9A - JTB Interchange Gets Underway


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FDOT recently awarded the $80.5 million SR 9A/SR 202 (J. Turner Butler Boulevard) Interchange construction contract to Superior Construction Company. This project involves the reconstruction of the SR 9A/SR 202 Interchange to allow for a fully functional interchange, as shown on the image below. To accomplish this, the traffic signals at the existing interchange will be eliminated and new ramps from SR 9A to SR 202 will be added.

The new interchange will consist of circular ramps, some of which will be up to 60 feet in height. The existing bridges and median on SR 202 will be widened to accommodate four travel lanes in the westbound direction and three travel lanes in the eastbound direction. SR 9A will also be widened to accommodate three travel lanes in both the northbound and southbound directions just south of SR 202.

Construction began in July 2005, and the project will take approximately 4 years to complete.


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This thing is going to be sweet. I can't wait to see it finished and drive the 60' tall ramps. The best part is it's compact design, however, how easily would something like this be expanded?

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Wow, you could see the entire Town Center from one of those ramps!


Im not sure if ur going to get a bird's eye view exactlly because it looks as though it will only span 1 level in the air, being that the exit ramps seemingly avoid each other without overlaping 3 times like the I-295/5/SR9A interchange.

Its a well used design.  Its a carbon copy of the I-75/I-4 interchange in Tampa.


Its definitly similar, just a lot of high speed curves,

Im just glad they didnt make it a cloverleaf!!

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