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I'd just like to say I appreciate Wal-Mart for being open 24 hours... however, I'd appreciate them even more if their associates were more professional and the stores were kept cleaner!

Target is awesome, if only they were open 24 hours!

K-Mart.... yeah...

The Malls are cool... I never go to them, but I'm excited to see the changes the new company makes with the Tallahassee Mall.

I'm looking for a major shopping center to hit the North East side of town sometime in the near future... I'm expecting an upscale mall somewhere along Thomasville Road... we'll see.

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I believe there is a great market for a mall out that side. That would definatly bring the two cities (thomasville and tally) closer together. A friend of mine has no car and works at the Itza Pitza in the bradforville area, and anytime i head out the wide boulvard of Thomasville road, there are a ton of people out. I used to see the widening of the road as a rich side of town thing, but man there are a lot of folks out there....lloll.

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