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I just wanted to put all of the Downtown Projects on the Same Page for some who may be unfamiliar and want to see what we've got going in the downtown area...

The Tennyson

Mixed Use - 36,000 sq. ft.

14 Stories

90 Condo Units


Tallahassee Gameday Center

Mixed Use - 7,650 sq.ft. of Retail

11 Stories

108 Condo Units


The Cloisters

Mixed Use - 10,000 sq.ft. of Retail

4 Stories

76 Condo Units


The Governor's Inn

2 Stories

Hotel to Condo Conversion


Marriott @ Gaines and Railroad

Hotel - 110,589 sq. ft.

5 Stories


Plaza Tower

Mixed Use - 26,802 Retail 10,000 Office

23 Stories

200 Condo Units


417 Park Avenue

5 Stories

25 Condo Units


Symphony Condominiums

Mixed Use - 8,484 sq. ft. Office/Retail

9 Stories

83 Condo Units


College Park Commons

Mixed Use - 9,000 sq. ft. Retail

12 Stories

86 Condo Units


The Village Condominiums

Mixed Use - 25,000 sq. ft. retail

9 Stories (3 Buildings)

147 Units


Marriott Convention Hotel

Mixed Use

15-19 Stories

47-90 Condo Units

325 Hotel Rooms


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CityBoy... I have inquired with city officials in both the planning and growth management departments and they've all but admitted the project is dead, but I keep the rendering up until the word is official. There is no saying we won't get a Convention Hotel, it just may not be that one.

CMurphy... thanks man!

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North East of town in the Bradforville area there is a nice development underway, Bannerman Crossings.

It will be a mixed use retail center, almost like a strip mall. It is currently under construction, with a Walgreens Pharmacy already completed. This massive development is rumored to possibly include a bowling alley or theatre of sorts. Anyhow, its a major addition to the Bradforville area.



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It seems I spy something everytime I drive down Apalachee Parkway... here's a new store I spied going up in the Gulf Winds Shopping Plaza



World Market

Our buyers travel the world visiting remote villages, centuries-old factories and foreign bazaars searching for unique products to offer our customers. Baskets from Bali, chocolates from Belgium, pottery from Portugal, and wine from around the world. These are just a few of the uncommon treasures our customers will discover on their adventure through our stores.

Cost Plus World Market is a spirited, eclectic and wildly different retailer that turns shopping into an adventure by continually filling aisle after aisle with great finds at great prices from around the world.

-World Market

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Hippie cool tree huggers spend money too! It will be nice to have a store like this, just for the humanitarian aspect. People in town with money should be able to buy things that werent assembled by children in a third world country making pennies a day. Nice to know people are helping spread wealth through out the world. I hope our condo buyers help make the store a success... and we get a barnes and nobles downtown (i ask for alot)

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