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Outdoor Art Sculptures


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Quite interesting. I never realized there is so many scupltures in Grand Rapids. I guess I would actually notice if I took the time to look and enjoy. My loss I guess. It's nice you posted this though. It sparks my interest in the subject.

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I would like to see more art in downtown. Not only sculptures but also murals, and landscaping would really enhance the pedestrian experience of downtown. I think that GR is on the right track, but more is always better.

I remember a few years ago, an Artist built flowers out of PVC pipe, snow fence, and paint. He then set up over 100 of these massive flowers in downtown Marquette in the middle of the night. The City had knowledge of it before hand and informed the police department that it would happen, but no one else had any idea.

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If you are interstedin seeing more art in Grand Rapids, we are woking on developing several focus groups to discover what people would like to see in the Heartside Area. The focus groups will take place the second week of December, and possibly after the New Year. We are going to be focused on the Avenue for the Arts area on South Division Between Fulton and Wealthy but the method for giving feedback is much more general. We are presenting different projects that have happened locally, nationally and also modes of making and then asking participants to identfy what they think would be the most attractive, benificial, interesting, useful, for our neighborhood.

We would love to have anyone participate.

If you are intersted you can email me

[email protected]

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