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A Great Article in Upstate Link!


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That was indeed a great article :) There is alot of truth to that, but I think downtown is more of a central location than the article admits.

Also, it gives a shamelss plug to Wild Wings, but I think the best bar downtown is definately Delaney's Irish Pub.

I think the next step will be to create a link between the Square and the Memorial Auditorium. The SMA is one of the largest theaters in the Carolina's, and it attracts some decent shows. There was an article in the paper the other day that mentioned plans to enlarge the space on the lower levels for banquets or other events.

The hardest part will be making the conneciotn along Church, whish is already heavily traveled. The only way I see to change that would be to somehow force traffic to use Magnolia St. maybe all traffic headed for DT should be directed there? Any ideas?

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One solution is to relocate US-221. I would have 221 traffic redirected along Pine and Henry Streets. Southbound 221 would meet Pine Street just north of Pinewood while northbound 221 would turn right on Henry. This would eliminate some traffic away from the CBD. Secondly, I would require all thru trucks to use this routing.

Another idea for 221 is to utilize Forest Street. This would require some modifications to College, North Forest, and South Forest but it would help divert traffic from the CBD.

I reviewed this with the city's traffic engineer a couple of years ago but I don't think he liked the idea. Other solutions would involve new streets which, of course, would be costly and controversial.

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Great article. Agree with spartan, it makes it sound as if there is only one restaurant downtown. Abbey's, Monsoon Noodle House, Hub-City Grill, Sandellas, Sandwich Factory, Sonny's Brick Oven Pizza, Delaney's, plus many more should gang up on Wild Wings.

As far as traffic, I've got to check a map. You've got me curious.

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I think rerouting 221 is a great idea, but not to Pine. It gets backed up enough as it is. Plus 9 and 176 already use that route.

I am thinking about 2 things that could be done.

1- make signage and lights that will reroute southbound traffic to downtown on 221 AND Asheville Hwy to Magnolia St.

2- Similarly, use Spring St for northbound on 221

Another option would be to move city hall and extend Magnolia to Henry, so that downtown will have some semblance of a grid I see that as a significant, but not major obstacle as far as traffic is concerned.

As I side note, I would like to see Liberty St restored but on a parallel path to Converse St. Narrow Converse to 2 lanes with a median of some sort and wide sidewalks. Then make Libery 1 way from Henry to Daniel Morgan and make Converse 1 way from Daniel Morgan to Henry.

Wild Wings is just newer looking and a wider building, and it is where most of the college students hang out on thurs-sun. Delaney's is long and narrow, and it draws a decent crowd, but its not so craded you cant stand it (like wild wings). Its hard to tell because they only have 2 tables in the front. I like the staff at Delaney's better too.

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