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Great pictures, TJ! :thumbsup:

I really like the snowmen too!

Yea, and can't forget about the famous projects mentioned by New Orleans rappers: Magnolia, Melphomine & Calliope.

No you really can't. They are a different part of history for New Orleans when compared to the French Quarter or Bywater, or the Garden District, but some of the now famous projects in Hollygrove and on the West Bank in New Orleans are definately historic.

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Hey TJ what's the latest thing you know about the city waterworks plant. At one time they wanted to declare it historical and save it. But then I read something about it costing too much and they ditched the idea. What gives and what's the scoop if you know it please.

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^Great pic, TJ! Nice coloring on the bank. :)

Picture of the Day: December 28, 2005

Old City Waterworks

Tallahassee, FL


Taken Near Gaines Street

Picture of the Day: December 29, 2005

East Jefferson

Downtown Tallahassee


Jefferson Street Behind Leon County Courthouse

I love the fall colors in these two pics. Fall really does help bring out some of the best in trees. How long will it be before the leaves fall off (if ever)?

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Today's shot is at the SW corner of Adams St. and Georgia Street. While this once was a residence, it now houses the powerful lobbying group Associated Industries. They are the ones that throw the huge party at the beginning of the legislative session. This year they will have to charge $10 admission to get around the new "no wine and dine" rule. I think they've done a fantastic job w/this property. It's just sad to me that it is them. They are very conservative and right-winged type of lobby group. They tend to try and throw their weight around a lot on issues. They recently came out in favor of oil drilling in the Gulf, something that I personally feel would be a terrible mistake no matter how far out it is done.

FYI: the backyard of the property is filled with many Sabal Palms and the entire property has many smaller palms around it. It's very attractive and sub-tropical/southern looking IMO.

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