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Sweet Tennyson pic there TJ. The more I see and ride by this building, the more things I find I like about it. As my father would say "This is a first class project."

In your picture taking travels, could you one day get some skyline shots for us. We now have two new downtown bldgs. and I'd be interested to know how the new skyline looks from Ocala and Tenn, the FAMU area and also Magnolia at Apalachee. I've seen it from all 3 locations lately, but I've always been driving and it's hard to really look at it for too long. No rush on my request and don't go out of your way to do it. But thanks in advance!

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April 15, 2006

Morning {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} Tennessee @ Ocala

Tallahassee, Florida


Here's one from Tennessee and Ocala. I'll try to get some other angles soon.


From Apalachee Parkway and Magnolia

This is a shot I got from Magnolia and Apalachee Parkway a while ago. I'm going to go take it from a better angle soon. I think I have an idea of what you want.

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TJ thanks for posting those shots. I remember the one you did from Tenn & Ocala. Sometimes I think that view is more impressive at night, but I'm sure it's harder to photograph.

That's a good shot too from Mag. and the Parkway, but all those darn trees and shrubs hide the skyline view. :) I think there's a point just west of Mag. that you can see the skyline around/over the trees shrubs.

I remember also a few months back you posted a good skyline shot from the south at FAMU. That view tends to be the best in terms of showing the skyline the best and making it look the most impressive. That's really what I'm looking for, a very impressive skyline shot.

There's really no view of our skyline from the north. Coming down Monroe around Brevard it comes into view, but it's not a very good vista at all. You can also kinda see it from Tenn heading west around Franklin, but you really only see the northern half of the skyline from there.

Any other ideas for areas to take a "popping" skyline shot?

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I've actually got angles from all sides. And I think the northern view is the most impressive second to that taken from Florida A&M.

Take a look:







From Florida A&M (South)






From (West): No new buildings in this picture:


Seems all of these pictures I have are now obsolete with the new additions. I was hoping to get a new picture from the north angle after the Tennyson was taken. I'd want to get it from the top of the Georgia Belle building. I'll have to get over there and talk to someone about getting that shot. From FAMU you can hardly see the Tennyson or Tallahassee center, so that side wouldn't be good for any of our new construction. But I imagine the Plaza Tower will change all of that.

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