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Jonas Federal Courthouse Expansion ( 10 floors / 165 feet) + Historic Renovation


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8 minutes ago, tarhoosier said:

I learned here:


That the current courthouse was built in 1915 and was one third of the existing building. It adjoined the US Mint which was the building where the remainder of the Federal Building is now. Once the Mint was dismantled and moved the Federal Building was extended and the axis changed so the entry was on West Trade rather than Mint.

I used the Post office in that building in the years of my relative youth and it was accessed through the Mint side. Christmas and Tax Day there were many cars and customers waiting to be served.

Ha! great memories of sitting in the car waiting on my dad to get the mail while watching the antics across the street at that old hotel.   But, also, I miss all the brass and the smell of that old post office.

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I think the Carillon office people hope they move to this new building. I know someone who worked in Carillon after the twin towers attack and the US Attorney office in Carillon was considered a target, and EVERYone entering the building and elevators went through TSA type shakedown. The office my man worked in moved due to the security issues. I know not if that is still the practice in that building.

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2 minutes ago, atlrvr said:

Disagree....I think this tops out just 3 crane base "sections" from where it is in the above pic.

agreed, It'll be more than double the height of the Mint Apartments.

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