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Jonas Federal Courthouse Expansion ( 10 floors / 165 feet) + Historic Renovation


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20 hours ago, tozmervo said:

Renderings of the Federal Courthouse design are now public. The new tower portion (160-170' tall) covers the entire existing parking lot on the fourth street side. It sets back a bit from Mint street to create a small pocket park at 4th & Mint. The existing historic building will get a complete interior renovation with preservation of the really beautiful old post office lobbies and courtroom. The front yard is getting a complete redesign, too, with some really nice historic nods and relocating the obelisk memorial back to it's original location off Trade Street. Both the new tower and the historic renovation have strong sustainability goals that include achieving LEED v4 Gold. 


This is beautiful.

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34 minutes ago, Dale said:

I don't get the negative reactions to historicism. Everything else Charlotte is doing is modern. Why not throw in a little blast from the past ?

Uh-oh, does that mean I have to like BOAT ?



I don't get it either - especially from a group who frequently laments the destruction of our history. While it may not be "authentic" there is no harm in adding back pieces of what we took away.

A nice mix of modern, classical, etc. is preferable in my opinion. This is not Dubai. We have a history,  we have roots, and it's OK to go back and find them.

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From the Secretary of Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties...  Item #10 on the list of 10, and in my opinion one of the most important : "Designs that were never executed historically will not be constructed."

This concept is for the most minute detail all the way up to high rise additions. It is to try and combat false historicism and confusion of what is actually historical and what is not.  It also seeks to increase the importance of actually historical buildings and details by encouraging contemporary design to complement the historical rather than imitate.  Think costume jewelry versus actual gold and opals.  One is a cheap imitation and the other is priceless.  One is worn by an impostor and the other is worn by a queen.

Not saying you have to agree with the concept, but I think that is where a lot of the objection is coming from.

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