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I live in Cookeville, TN; metropolis of 23k people according to Census 2000.

This place is so wonderful, and I thought I would show you some of the natural beauty we have to offer.

My only apologies are the fact that the weather has been poor lately, so conditions weren't good for snapping photos today. The rain will at least turn to snow later today. :D


This is a wonderful coffeeshop that opened up near downtown this past week. Cookeville is so snazzy, and its one of the best coffeeshops in the Federated Christian States of America!



On my drive to the local public christian university, I always run upon some very fun bumper stickers. But those aren't the most fun part. The support judge Roy Moore signs are always nice!


Oh my, is it yet another one? I believe so. There are plenty between my house and campus.


Lastly, I couldn't help but show you just one of the many fine establishments our town has for dining with fine wines and liquors. The HAWG BARN is a local favorite, in pure urban style. And for your pleasure, there are tons of these establishments ALL OVER greater Cookeville!


Before I leave, wanted to show you a photo I took of a set of bumper stickers I snapped in October:


Yes, Cookeville is one of the classiest towns around. I'm proud to be from here. Enjoy!

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