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DETROIT [7] Skyline From Windsor

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Detroit is located on the US-Canada border, separated only by a river. The city of Windsor lies on the Canadian side. The waterfront parks offer a very nice view of the Detroit skyline.

I heard some stories by word of mouth that Windsor residents used to hear gunshots on the Detroit side. I didn't hear any during my walk along the water.












Further west along the waterfront :









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Great images, and skyline. I don't know if I'm influenced by the negative press Detroit unfairly receives, but the city looks intimidating from the Canada side in these images.

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Nice photos.


The Detroit skyline can look very intimidating from Windsor. Mostly it is the Renaissance Center. Not only is a significant distance from the rest of the CBD, but it is also quite a bit taller than anything else in the CBD. Additionally, the Ren Cen is a block or two closer to the river than the other buildings, only heightening its imposing look.

When viewed from the other directions, the Ren Cen blends in much better, and the skyline looks a lot less imposing. Detroit's skyline is linear along Woodward Avenue, so there is a lot you don't see from Windsor.

Here is a view from the northwest.


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I love the shots, but I agree that the view from Windsor is definately the worst angle you can view the skyline. The best angle is from where Allan's pic was taken.

For instance, here's a closer view.


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Great photos! I really need to get a shot of Detroit from that part of the Windsor Riverfront. Typically, I'm down aways near the Radison Hotel, where you can get some shots of the Old D skyline. The only thing is, from that angle, the RenCen is completey detached, I ended up having to cut it out of some of my photos because it was so far away form the financial district highrises. I'm hoping GM's River East Project will had some height, and balance things out a bit. General Motors featured a model of the city with their intentions of River East which does show some residential highrises, but those plans were only a suggestion as to what was going up there. The official plans should be announced anytime soon now.

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