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Possibility of a Relocation To the Twin Cities


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As if right now, I live in the Washington,D.C. meto area. I recently found out, that I stand the chance of relocating to the Twin Cities. I don't know much about the area so any help would be great. I am willing to spend as much as $900,000 and am looking for an area with good schools and many amenities.

Thanks again!

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Eden Praire has your name written all over it!

Also, northern suburbs like Wayzata and Maple Grove as well. In the city's themsleves, you can't go wrong with Summit Avenue in St. Paul, or around Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis.

Dunno about schools though. I'm 27, went to high school in out-state MN and have no kids, so can't help you there.

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If you can find something in Wayzata, that'd be your best bet. You may not get quite as much house as you would in Eden Prarie or somewhere else, but the schools are top notch.

Just keep in mind that you'll be paying high property taxes to live in a place like that. The schools certainly aren't good because they're underfunded.

Schools across the Twin Cities are generally good, though. I don't know of any districts that don't have good programs. (Although Wayzata seems to stick out as one of the best.)

I guess it depends if you want suburban, urban, or semi-rural.

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$900,000 gets a really, really decent house in the Twin cities but before I could tell you where to live it would depend on what you are looking for.

Do you like older (1920's -30's homes)? You can get some beautiful ones near the lakes in Minneapolis. You will have city schools, but for elementary schools Minneapolis has neighborhood schools so it isn't like your kids will be in the ghetto. Additionally, they have a magnet high school system, so your kids can choose their own high school.

Another option that has similar housing and a great school system is Edina. It is top ranked and close in to the downtown Minneapolis. The houses are more expensive because the school system is much sought after. Edina also has many newer homes and a cute little "downtown" (50th and france). It is like some of the older suburbs of chicago --like highland park.

If you like the suburbs with the big lawns and 3 or 4 car garages, then you have plenty of choices-- and they are all pretty similar. Eden Prairie, Plymouth Wayzata, Woodbury, Lakeville -- all safe, nice surburban areas--if that is what you like.

In general, the West suburbs of Minneapolis are more "upperclass", but there are nice suburbs in all directions. North Minneapolis is considered the bad part of town and as such the north side suburbs have not been as "high class" but that seems to be changing a lot.

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