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Really? I honestly though that was why the guy had his checkbook in hand. Who goes stealing trees with a checkbook? If they guy hd a checkbook with him dosen't that give you the assumption the guy may have wanted to pay for the tree? Sigh, another dumbxxx to add to the overcrowding jails. Wait since this was federal property?, maybe he'll be doin' fed time, holy smokes....

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I'm not in school myself right now, but wondered if anyone has (had) finals this week? Anything that has you particularly stressed? :cry:

Finals were this week for GVSU, Davenport, Calvin (I think), and I'm sure everyone else too. While I wasn't stressed I am looking forward to the weekend in San Antonio.. hey, 50 degrees isn't paradise, but it's better than 20 degrees!

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Two questions:

Anyone getting any work done today?

Anyone else finding UP to be awfully slow today (server slow)?

That's all, carry on..

1) Vacation starts at 5pm, which means my head checked out at 2:30pm yesterday.

2) It's painful. I would love to know what percentage of bandwidth is GR UPers :)

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1. Why start now?

2. No, I never have a problem when I'm on my company's computer. :thumbsup:

I don't think it's my internet connection. But when I try to post a reply, it.....takes......forever.......to.....go......through. Sometimes I hit STOP it takes so long. It seems to be OK now, but about an hour ago it was awful.

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