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Some poster named Shane has a red name. I wonder how he did that.

The same way mine soon will be orange? :ph34r:

Actually, I think red is the "Site Owners", Blue is Moderator, Orange is Premium Member, Purple is a "Plus" member, green is someone over a certain amount of posts and the others are just normal newbies..

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lol you guys crack me up! All this speculation, I'm going to send everyone a couple ritalin pills to calm you all down, i'm starting to worry about blood pressure.

Apparently I'm not excited enough! They wouldn't allow me to donate blood today because my blood pressure is too low. I'm instructed to run around, drink caffiene, read the grbj, and come back tomorrow. They love my O-neg. :wub:

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Where did you see that Andy? I was just going to post the exact same thing :D There were also a record number of people logged in, something like 120 or 130..

The main UP forum page, at the bottom, tells you how many people are online, and when the most users ever online was. The old record was like 370-something, so we beat that by A LOT.

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Do you think we are really at that point? Where this forum is over running the system, I don't think we are that big yet. But I gotta tell you I have gotten a few of my friends who are interested in the goings on to stop in and visit, on a regular basis. I dont think it'll be long until it gets outta control.

Right now i'm in Arizona, indefinately, due to a family situation. I'm counting on you guys to keep me sane :) .

I miss GR :cry:

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