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I think The Flight plays out of Wyoming Park's Gym for home games. I hear a youngin' owns this franchise and has grown it into a nice fanbase.

I think they don't play by NBA standards, but a quicker pick up game with half court? I think the play in this game makes for quick point making and very high scores. I'm not familiar with the fanchise league, but thats all I heard, Girl.

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I believe it's one of the largest butterfly blooms in the country. The Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha opened a butterfly exhibit in one of their zoo renovations 3 or 4 years ago, but it's only 1/3 to 1/2

The Wealthy Market has started to carry a selection of groceries.

Free spring bulbs, you pick up A local wholesale grower gets rid of unsold product (think Easter and Mother's Day) by transporting the pots to a nearby compost-pile-to-be. One of my neighbors pas

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Can anybody here point me in the direction of a good, non-con-artist contractor who can remodel bathrooms and such? Thanks in advance :)

How big is the scope? Your personal home, or a rental? I know a couple of really good guys that did some work for us- they are fast, clean, and don't mess around. PM Me and I will get you the owner's mobile.

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Michigan Accent, http://www.michigannative.com/ma_pronunciations.shtml

"Grrarapids": Grand Rapids, my hometown. It's cold, so slurrr those werds tagetherr! Residents are sometimes known as GraRaptiles. ;) Some famous Grand Raptile home-girls: Stacy Haiduk (Seaquest DSV), and the lovely Gillian Anderson, ladies and gentlemen. NOVEMBER 2001 UPDATE: "Greenrbbit" kindly brought to my attention that Judy Garland was born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota... I've heard people in GR Mich brag about her being from there for years! Oops.


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I never knew of any Grand Rapidian to fall for the "tell everyone Dorthy is from GR!" :rofl: Maybe a transplant Grand Rapidian.

My Grandma used to say that, but I don't think its passed on from taht generation.

Although he is right about the "T" thing I never say my Ts

i.e. "Although" sounds more like "aldough" and not "all-theau"

And who has ever EVER used GrandRaptile? not me.

I just had to submit "The Van" to him, since he had "The Joe"

I liked the "Melk" too.

"Melk": Milk. Tell 'em you waana glassa melk. MAY 2004 UPDATE: Growing up in the heavily Dutch community of Grand Rapids, I never thought twice about pronouncing this bovine bounty as anything other than "melk". So, on a May 2004 trip to the Netherlands, when I found this on a friend's breakfast table in Alkmaar, the teeny teeny lightbulb came on in my head. You wondered why we say this: now you know. (Click on image to enlarge)

I hear most people say it like the word Mill with a K and not melk. Although my family to the south calls it "Moo" but they quickly reverted to Melk :P

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If you are from out of the GR area, and visit the West Side and North East side, you hear various local accents. I think it might be because of the history of the specific 'hoods and who settled in thoes areas. North and North East side Irish, West side German and Polish... South West side French Irish and Native American. As my grandpa would say, "The Dutch did East Fulton and Wealthy."

What would be an interesting topic to follow into is the ethnic enclaves of Grand Rapids.

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