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I'm back, married and all!

Just wanted to say hello, anyone want to fill me in quickly on what happend in the last week and a half? Besides the fact that Grand Rapids seems to be in some sort of competition to see how many shootings we can have in one week :angry: . 16 shots less than a block away does NOT make the wife and I sleep easy...

Welcome back Mike! Other than shootings, I think the only thing you missed was River House's official groundbreaking.

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How long has that "Kuiper Orlebeke PC" sign been on terra firmas building at Pearl and Monroe? Is it a big firm? I just noticed it this morning


Let's have a look-see.

Looks like four attorneys, four support staff. I've never noticed the sign before. On which side is it?

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WoodTV hilarious article title of the day:

Roethlisberger: 'I'll wear helmet'


Hey, if Gary Busey can reform so can Roethlisberger.............it usually takes bouncing your dome off of the pavement once or twice to get the picture.

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