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Governor's Crossing


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Governor's Crossing: Publix


Introducing Tallahassee's Newest Publix Center Located at the Intersection of Blairstone and Park Avenue... it will be the ancor of a New Development being called Governor's Crossing. This development is brought to us by Konover South Developers.

The Governor's Crosssing Development is major for Tallahassee and its newly renovated Blairstone Corridor. This will be the first major development since the Southwood Publix at the southern end of Blairstone Road. Not only will it involve improvements to the North East corner of the intersection where this new Publix will sit, but to the other 3 blocks as well. A map has been provided for a visual of the proposed changes.


Images Courtesy of Konover South Developers.

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Now underconstruction is Tallahassee's Newest Publix Shopping Center...



Technically this would be our 12th Publix, however, what we're not supossed to know yet is that they will be closing the Apalachee Parkway location, keeping our Publix count at 11.


Current Publix Site at Apalachee Parkway... now Tallahassee's Oldest Crustiest Publix Store.

Here are some shots, progress shots will be posted as they become available.

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I ate at Panera yesterday. We have a new one where I currently live. I think it's great news that Panera's coming to Tallahassee. While sandwiches like those aren't my favorite food of choice, the overall Panera experience is great. The one here has a great look to it outside and in. Plus it has free Wi-Fi!

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Yes... maybe I should have been a little clearer.

If you walk into the Publix at Southwood or Bradforville you get a very upscale vibe, a feeling comes over you where you know you're shopping where the "rich folks" do.

When I look at this store thats what I see from the outside... its not like the huge stores at Ocala or Lake Ella which tend to cater to a diverse crowd, yet its not small like the "country stores" at Lake Jackson and Crawfordville Road, where everyone walks around barefoot.

I'm just judging from outward apperances which I shouldn't do.

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According to the Publix Web site, there's one only 11 miles from my zip code (could be more or less from my apartment). I wasn't aware there was one that close. I may have to drive there some time to see how long it actually takes me. However, it's hard to justify it considering there's a Kroger right near my house. :)

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