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Roads: Tallahassee Capital Circle


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They should have made that into a video game. That was honestly Tallahassee down to the T. The homes and stores and businesses along the way were all accurate.

It even had billboards!!

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It will go from 2 lanes of undivided road in many places to over 6 lanes divided. The project will completed in segments with the South East segement (Southwood Area) getting priority.

Also beginning later this year is the segment of Capital Circle that runs from West Tennessee Street (U.S. 90) to I-10.

There will be pedestrian enhancements such as meandering sidewalks, stormwater enhancements and some asthetics done as part of this project as well.

Details and Photo Updates will be posted as they become available.

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I saw it on WCOT a little while ago, and then watch it afterwords.. i drive that way often and i am excited to watch it happen, since i dont hit that side durig rush hour (for obvious reasons). It will make an impressive sight from the air. i cant wait to see the satellite shots in 2007. tally will certainly be different.

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2007... ok... I can see that! We'll have not only the work on Capital Circle done (which includes street lighting along 100% of the road) but there will be the I-10 stuff with the extra overpasses, and possible work on East Mahan (from Dempsey to I-10) not to mention a more inviting Downtown.

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I'm going to say this loud and clear. The agency in charge of voting for these blue print projects, namely the widening of Capital Circle has made a very bad mistake. Instead of doing the obvious, widening the current path that Capital Circle takes, which by the way looks quite simple, with minimal exceptions between Pensacola and Tennessee, they've chosen to get off of the beaten path and waste more of your money and mine. There are always ways to lessen growth affects on the environment, thats not a reason to not allow this road to take its current path. Its too logical!! Not only will they be waisting money on a 2 year $2 Million STUDY (!!!!!!!!!!!!) but they will also be waisting a decade or more of our time.

Tell me this Tallahassee-Leon County Blueprint 2000 agency... how long is it going to take for you all to get serious about a serious road from I-10 to our Airport?! How many NIMBY residents will it take to come forward before the road is removed completly. I hope companies like Project North don't see whats going on here, with our leaders inability to make challenging decisions to help steer this city forward to become more competitive and give us the necessary infrastructure to build our economy.

I will remember this on election day, and I will do my best to remove anyone standing between Tallahassee and prosperity.

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