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RBC Tower - DT Southend Connection ?


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I am writing this all from memory as I cannot find the article online at the N&O web site. to make matters worse, I read the paper at 545 this morning.

One of the columnist (Hagel I think) had a very small blurb in the business section of the paper this morning that mentioned the Raleigh DT southend proposals. It seems the city may have a preference for one of the plans. The plan the city likes is the one with the tower/condos/movie theater. The city likes this plan for a few reason including the fact that the developer may have a large tenant already signed up. I think this is the right proposal (link)

I am wondering if the tenant could be RBC ?

Seems kinda coincidental ? If not then this is good news too since another largish company may be moving downtown.


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I dont think rbc would be one of the tenants. It did mention in one of the related stories on the move that the city would sell them a city own tract. But Site 1 and site 4 are already under the process, so possibly on the other city owned sites could be chosen. My guess is though is that they will be more towards the middle of fayetteville street imo.

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