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Pinnacle Hills Promenade


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The permit posted is a HUD related one. Looks like a large apartment complex. 



Yeah, it's apartments. There's a government sign posted about equal opportunity housing.

That seems so strange to me...I am no Real Estate expert but it surprises me that they would put Residential there with it being so commercial in that area. I know there are homes close to there, but basically right in the middle seems out of place. I am sure they will be high end apartments though so maybe when it's finished it will make more sense.

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HUD apts in the Pinnacle area?

I live nearby and had the same thought when I saw the sign. If I'm not mistaken, though, that relates to the financing only. The intended tenants of these residences (according to what was presented to the Rogers Planning Commission) are higher income professionals, i.e., Walmart vendors. Given the lack of rental vacancies in this area currently, it seems like this is a needed development.

Here's the story 40/29 ran when it first was announced: http://m.4029tv.com/news/rogers-approves-new-apartments/23179782

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We had Steinmart once before,  Fayetteville at Fiesta Square and in Ft. Smith. They had jumped the gun on expansion, now they are coming back, only to the north in the same strip with Homewood so there's some piggybacking there.

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I'm interested in the lack of discussion about the Promenade. So that made me wonder, what is everyone's general feeling/opinion of the state of NWA's biggest shopping mall?

I do not get to visit very often myself. It is encouraging that news of a closing seems very seldom, but with the economy back on track (to an extent) and the situation in NWA, I'm very surprised we haven't seen additions like Anthropolgie or JCrew.

I had hoped with the Metro's passing of the 500k population landmark, along with the improved economy, we might see the Promenade slowly turn into a slightly more upscale shopping destination. But, at least at first glance, it does not look like that has been the case thus far.

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