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Uptown Street with Most Urban Potential


In 10 years which street will be the most urban in downtown Charlotte?  

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  1. 1. In 10 years which street will be the most urban in downtown Charlotte?

    • North Tryon
    • South Tryon
    • West Trade
    • East Trade
    • Other (why?)

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"urban potential" is a bit of a grey area, as there are a number of different interpretations... obviously Tryon St is already what most people consider urban...

I went with W Trade because, obviously, it has the most potential for a mixture of uses, building types, people types, and will likely see the most changes in the next 10 years (over E Tr, N Tr, and S Tr). It has old/historic buildings (Courthouse, Polk, 1st Presby, Old Primitive Baptist, and the storefronts between pine and graham). It has many different uses (Govt, Church, residential highrise, residential mid/lowrise, transit, office highrise, office mid/lowrise, university, hotel, and retail ....).

It will also have major transit operations that will bring diversity of people (in addition to the students and bankers already on west trade), as the Gateway Station will likely be the entry point for Gaston, Iredell, N Meck, SEHSR (Atlanta, Greenville/Spartanburg, Greensboro, Raleigh, Richmond, DC), and Beatties Ford, Freedom, 4th Ward, 3rd Ward, Wilkinson/Airport, and Trade Street transit lines).... That is a serious number of connections, and the multiplier effect of all those people will likely support many urban developments in W Trade.

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I have to say college as well. With all of the clubs already in place and the addition of the Ritz I have a feeling national retailers may eye college. My ultimate hope is that all of uptown continue to see an increase in people. The retail will naturally follow.

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I went with West Trade. I think that all of the major streets that lead into town have value. When the other areas get saturated, people may look more toward West Trade. It's already picking up now. I think the main thing thats slowing it now is perception.

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