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Airport Expansion.


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Hi guys, long time lurker...first time poster.

My question is regarding the expansion, specifically the airside II phase, of the airport. I was under the impression that this construction was going to begin after the Super Bowl, but haven't heard much about it since. Lakelander, your thoughts?

Here are some renderings I found on the JIA website. They're kinda small, but certainly they give us an idea of what to expect.


For those interested, here is the link to the JIA Expansion website.


I'm really looking forward to this. Thoughts?

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Welcome NolzfanJax.

I have also been curious as to when they plan to get this project off of the ground and into the air. It will be a great expansion, although, I would rather see some sort of built in hotel like Orlando has.

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They will first build the new concourses starting with A and C concourse then will tranistion over from the old to new and knock down the old concourses. During the final phase another wing will come out from the end of the B concourse.

Dont have any timelines but the new concourse construction hasnt started from what I have seen.

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