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New York Photography


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I have some NY photography I've done in my archive, and I thought I'd post them here (they're all also easily seen on my website linked at the end of my post). Please, I hope everyone joins in with their own photos!

These are from various times in the Hudson Valley over the last few years.

First, the classic beauty shot of the Hudson River at sunset, in this case from the tiny art colony village of Garrison, NY, in this case, from Garrison Landing across the river from the West Point Military Academy.


Here is West Point itself, earlier in the hazy evening...


About 10 minutes North is the near perfectly preserved, turn of the century river village of Cold Spring, NY (population about 2,000, with most buildings in town on the national historic register). It's also rapidly gentrifying and increasingly expensive, having gone from a gritty, somewhat down-on-its-luck architectural preserve when I was growing up in nearby Kent Cliffs, NY, to a restored, slick center of antiques, restaurants, and galleries. Whatever it is, it's always been and remains drop dead gorgeous. It has to be strolled to be appreciated. No photos (mine included) I've ever seen have correctly related its drama, located on the river along a hill with the mountains of the Hudson towering over it across the river.

Its layout is also pretty dense, showing you don't need huge populations to live an urban lifestyle.





And, to finish, this shot, which I consider one of my favorites of my own work, of the Hudson River Valley as seen from the Boscobel Restoration in Garrison, NY during the autumn...


I'll post more later. I hope you enjoyed the shots!

- Garris

Providence, RI

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Hi everyone,

Here's part two of some of my Hudson Valley Photos.

Here's a shot of the mountains across the river from the Cold Spring dock...


Here is the historic Boscobel mansion itself...


Here is the largest budda statue outside of China, oddly located in the Chueng Yen Monestary in Kent, New York...


One of the Metro North commuter rail stations after a rain storm...


Finally, another shot from the Boscobel Restoration...


- Garris

Providence, RI

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I like those pics of Garrison, reminds me almost of Clinton, NY. Very similar in its small town feel, yet w/ ppl walking about.

Yes, Clinton is beautiful. I haven't been there in ages...

- Garris

Providence, RI

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