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Does MB need an Interstate?


Do you think the Myrtle Beach area needs an interstate highway? Explain why, if you can.  

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  1. 1. Do you think the Myrtle Beach area needs an interstate highway? Explain why, if you can.

    • Yes, US 501 is too congested and it needs to be replaced by an interstate in its path.
    • Yes, but an alternative route needs to be made with existing limited-access freeways, such as the Conway Bypass and the Carolina Bays Parkway.
    • Yes, it would boost our economy.
    • No, a new interstate would hurt the swampy areas, and the natural scenery would be destroyed.
    • No, Myrtle Beach already has alternative routes to leave it besides US 501.
    • No, I fly into Myrtle Beach, instead. Avoiding all traffic.

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Sorry about that - listen, I'll contact some folks I know in Washington & I promise you they will build an interstate highway from - how about Greensboro & I'll call the freeway.... how does 73 sound? Also I'll throw in another freeway for the area called.... 74!

But it might be a while until you see anything, ;)

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MB needs a limited access east-west connection between I-95 and the US 17 bypass. Utilizing some existening portions of US 501 with some relocations, bypasses and frontage roads would be a great thing. Once US 501 comes towards SC 22 (Conway Bypass), there should be a southeastern route paralleling SC 544 to connect US 17 bypass. US 501 between Conway to SC 31 should be a jersey freeway.

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I've read about how the NC governor and others in the past wanted I-20 to extend fron Florence to Wilmington for a truck route to Atlanta among other reasons before SCDOT told them they weren't paying for that. I didn't think that extension would be necessary with the planned constructions of 73, 74 and I-140 in the area.

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