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Buildings 200m+


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So far Charlotte only has the Hearst and BofA Corp. over 200M. The Epicenter and the Vue will make it four. Anyone think another 200m+ building will be hitting the skyline in near future? Also anyone know what happened with 4 First Union Center?

That was 396m. Anyone see anything topping BofA Corp?

Also whats the deal with 428 South Tryon street?

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Hmm.. I can't figure out if 200M is high or not. It does not compute in my US english measurement system mind. :P So according to my rusty math that is 656 ft. Yeah its high, but still doesn't compute.

Maybe it would be easier to ask how many buildings above 50 stories are going to be built in Charlotte.

Of course the Hearst and BofA make that mark. I think the Epicenter is an unknown until some official sales renderings are released. I find it difficult to believe a 50+ story apartment building is going to be constructed. The Vue is the height of a 50+ story building but some things are not quite clear on that one either.

I would not be surprised if Wachovia finally builds a 60+ building we will have to wait and see. I think BofA has other fish to fry right now and is not interested in putting up another highrise in CLT. Uncle Hugh is gone and the current powers there are more interested in their new building in Manhattan than what is going on here in CLT.

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You can't use SSP as a definitive source of information on anything. It is a mostly a waste of time to go there for anything useful IMO. It is full of in-accurate information and certainly not worth a debate on UP.

The rendering you post is very old. It includes a wishful thinking cap over I-277. This rendering (and variations) and cap over I-277 has been discussed here many times. I recommend doing a search on our Charlotte files if you are interested in reviewing those discussions.

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Epicentre has a chance to be over 200M, but I would put it more in the 185-195 range......The Vue should be about 175M minus the antannea.....probably 195-200 if you include them. They will certainly be no where near what skyscraperpage has estimated them.

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