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M. Brown

Portland, Maine

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Me and the fam went to Portland today just to get out. Its a nice lil' city. I def. wouldnt mind living there, especially since I know that I wouldnt be the only black person living there. Portland has a rather large black population for a small NNE city. You Portlanders have a real nice city. I must say that Portlands downtown is a whole lot bigger than Manchesters and it does feel bigger than Manch even though it isnt. Enough of me talking. Check it out.



























Back to talking. I would have taken alot more pics but it was gettin late. I got there at 2 and we spent like two hours trying to find a resturant to use the bathroom. I def. have to pay another visit.

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I don't really know much about Portland, Maine and some of you might not either so I thought I would post some information on it I found from a website:

Portland is a city in Cumberland County.

It is the county seat. The community is in the Eastern Standard time zone.

The latitude of Portland is 43.661N. The longitude is -70.255W.

The estimated population, in 2003, was 63,635.

Portland is on Casco Bay

The community was named after the city in England

Former and merged community names include:

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Hmmm I didn't see any black people in the pictures, are you sure they are there? :P

I think I've replied to this thread in another forum, but while I am here I will say once again, superb work skip!

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Oh man thank you. I lived in Portland for 10 years in the 80s/90s. It is such a great city. They even have 2 city beaches! There are some great city views with the harbor in the foreground if you go across the bridge to South Portland.

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Being one, I looked extra hard for some black people... didn't see any!! I was disappointed.

LoL. There were a some when I was there. Of course there isnt that many there but more than I thought. AND CHECK THIS OUT. on the way there they had a Popeyes on one of the rest stops. I couldnt believe there was a Popeyes in MAINE. I so wanted to go there. For all you people who havent had Popeyes if you try it you will never want to go to KFC again. I gurantee it.

I'm black too so when ever we go somewhere were trying and look for black people. Especially up here. LoL

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