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Architectural details on a 50's split

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http://msnusers.com/[email protected]/Doc...GFRONTHOUSE.jpg

I was wondering if anyone might have any vintage photos of a 50's split level home. My home seems to have lost a lot of character with the "practical" choice of white vinyl siding and black shutters. Some clues to the past are the exposed areas of aluminum siding (above the front area & between windows on 1st & 2nd floors). I've discovered what I believe is asbestos shingles (similar to today's cement siding) on the rear gable when doing a vent install. I've even discovered the beloved 50's turquoise/seafoam color on the stucco foundation (yikes!). If you have any images of a remodel (in the craftsman/bungalow spirit) on a split, that would be a great reference. I'm trying to give this house a heartbeat! Thanks for any help in the cause to give this house what the post war mass production took away (not to mention the 80's aesthetic).

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