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I had bunch of questions I wanted to ask and I am sure some others will have more,so thought of topic with name FAQ where me and everyone could ask.

Here are some and I got more when I think of them:

1.What is a deal with building called "Masonic Temple",I saw it but don't know much about it?

2.Does anyone have actual info of borders or parts of Jax we usually talk about,like where Brooklyn starts and ends etc?

3.Riverwalk is it allowed to ride a bike on it? How late is "open"? What are public parking spots or if "we" are allowed to park in spots like Raddisson hotel etc?

4.Is there are any problems taking picture of city and buildings?Like going late aat night taking night shots?What are you experiences and what kind of problem you could hav with police or security etc?

5.Anyone got good tips on taking night shots wihtout getting "dizzy" effects?

6.What was a reason connection between JTB and westside bridge was cancelled?

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1. I can think of at least three former "Masonic Temples" near downtown. Why don't you go to the local section of a big bookstore and find "Jacksonville's Architectural Heritage" by Wayne Wood. Find the building you are thinking of, and the book will have a fairly detailed description of its history.

2. I don't have a map. But even if someone else online happens to have one, I suggest that you go downtown to the main library. Go into the Florida Collection room and ask them about it. (Glenn Emery in particular knows his stuff about Jax).

3. Yeah, people ride bikes on the Riverwalk all the time (I'd suggest the Northbank, the Southbank Riverwalk isn't really built for bikes). I park at the Radison lot all the time, any time of day - never had a problem. You can also park in Riverside under I-95. Also, if you are going on weekends or after 5pm you can park literally ANYWHERE in the on-street parking. Also, there are several dozen metered parking spaces a few blocks north of the county courthouse that are often available even in the middle of the business day.

4. A security guard once yelled at me for taking pictures at the Hemming Park skyway station. Other than that, I've taken several thousand pictures of downtown over the past 3 years and never once been bothered by anyone else.

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To add a question, somewhere close to the I-10/I-95 junction downtown where there are a bunch of overpasses, there is one halfbuilt overpass that is somewhat tall and just completely stops halfway across like a ramp. It looks like the other half has yet to be built, and my memory may be playing tricks on me, but I swear the thing has been there halfway built since the first time I came to Jax several years ago. Does anyone know what project it's a part of and why it doesn't look like there is anything being done to progress it at all?

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