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Memphis' South Bluffs/ South Main Neighborhoods

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Last weekend, while visiting Memphis, I ventured out to photograph the buildings and neighborhoods that I feel makes my former home a truly unique city. I wanted to document both the progress of the exploding new downtown residential area along the bluff, and capture the essence of what is becoming a very urban, walkable neighborhood. The temperature was nearly 100 degrees when i took these pics, so the sidewalks were void of pedestrian traffic. I took hundreds of shots, and here are my favorites.

The first of the three City House condo buildings is nearing completion.

The warehouse to the left will be the residents' parking garage. The

three floor building to the right is undergoing a condo conversion too.


This is a view along G.E. Patterson Ave. in the South Main Neighborhood.

Notice the trolley in the background



Looking North along South Main St. toward downtown. Beale Street crosses

Main where you see the vertical, red Orpheum Theater Sign in the background.


Looking North along South Front St. This street is home to several art galleries,

antique stores, and small architecture firms. A 25 story condo tower is planned

for the no. 1 Beale site just a few blocks to the North.


Art galleries and cafes along South Main St.



There goes the trolley








The GE5 Town Homes are now complete. They have a beautiful combination

of materials; I think they're amazing.


Looking North along the Bluff Walk. Notice the Pyramid in the distant background

between the trees. The Bluff walk stretches from South Bluffs, near the

Memphis-Arkansas bridge to the Hernando De Soto Bridge to the North.

Harbor Town, another neo-traditional downtown neighborhood is situated

beyond the Pyramid to the North.


View of the Hernando Desoto Bridge to the North


and of the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge to the South


Houses along the Bluff



This is the main street through South Bluffs


What the houses look like facing the street





Notice the Urban Context of the neighborhood



South Bluffs is nearly built-out. A new neighborhood,

similar to South Bluffs, is under construction just a few blocks away.

It is called South End; here are some shots


More apartments and condos are to be built on the cleared lot at the left foreground.


I'll close with this shot. This is the Madison Avenue entrance to the Sterick Building in Downtown.

Isn't it beautiful, even in its neglected state? The Sterick was once the tallest, and most grand office building in the South.


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Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really great thread. Really enjoyed the Bluff pics with all your shots of the wonderful housing and views from the area.

The revitalization of the South Main and Bluff area is really amazing IMO. Memphis is really IMO a model for some of its peers when it comes to downtown revitalization.

Memphis in the summer can be quite uncomfortable, but its worth it to go explore the city and see whats going on don't ya think?

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Great pics.

I especially liked no. 2.

I was down there in June and the City House condos were just a skeleton then. Glad to see the finished product came out so nice looking.

I only get down there once a year, so if you're around more often, keep us updated with pics on the SouthEnd developments.

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